"Robert Baldwin is an amazing trainer! His wealth of knowledge in the field of fitness is unrivaled by anyone I've ever met in my life before. I consider myself someone with a fair share of knowledge about fitness but without Bob I would have never been able to start training for my first show while deployed on ship, with his help I began training and ultimately won my first show!"

-- Will Y.

 Jacksonville, NC


Having never stepped foot in a gym before, I was reluctant to do anything fearing others would see that I didn’t know what I was doing.  Then, I started training at Quarter Turn Right Fitness.  Not only did I get instructions on how to do exercises correctly, but personal training was just that - - personal.  I was instructed on exercises to benefit me & I wasn’t in front of an entire gym of strangers.  What I like most is that you choose if you want to work one on one with the trainer or in a 4 person or smaller group.

--Denise R.

Sunbury, OH


Bob lives what he teaches regarding fitness and diet.  But, he will work with you whatever your goals are.  His gym facility is first rate and he will make you feel comfortable whether you are a newbie to working out or if you are preparing for the next competition.  He might make you work hard, but he will make you look and feel better.

--Curt M.

Columbus, OH



Dennis D,

Harrisburg, PA


Hardest working trainer in the biz!!!! For those who don't know it already.....Bob is the MAN!!!!!

Rusty K.

Arlington, TX


Your ability to motivate me to change my attitude to work out in the past year has really been a great thing for me and my health – thank you Bob!

-- Jan S.

Delaware, OH

Wanted to let you know that during a visit with my doctor yesterday, he noticed the definition in my muscles and asked what I was doing. Told him about your training and theories regarding protein and muscle building. He totally agreed! So, wanted to let you know that the medical establishment backs your training! Isn't that great?

-- Rhonda B.

Vienna, WV


Slavedriver!! My butt is officially kicked! But in a good way(with results)!!!!! Great place to work out!!

-- Samantha C.

Powell, OH


Bob is so knowledgeable (very smart man)...he deff knows what he is talking and training about! I really enjoy being part of Team QTRF!

-- Sarah P.

Ocala, FL


Thanks for making me look amazing for my wedding!

-- Kiersten W.

Marengo, OH

First competition ever is only 1.5 weeks away. I am almost 52 years old. Prior to meeting Bob, I was at my heaviest weight ever. I never had a weight “problem” but over the past thirty years, I added a few pounds each year. This was never a concern for me as I always found a way to justify, such as: 1. My pants were shrinking 2. Ok, it’s not too bad I still look alright for “my age” 3. Well, I have had two kids 4. It doesn’t matter what other people think as long as I feel good 5. My husband thinks I look ok, that’s all that matters Then I woke up one morning and noticed a double chin. I knew that was a sign that something had to be done and my husband introduced me to Bob and Quarter Turn Right Fitness. I’ve been working out with Bob for two years now. This is the only program that I have ever stuck to for longer than 3 months. I hated it at first, but then it became my stress release. I started feeling better and I was looking forward to working out. My clothes were no longer too tight and then I dropped two pants sizes. I loved the change. Over the past year I saw these changes in other clients of Bob’s as well; however it was even more drastic. It was at that time that I decided that the only way I would look as good as I desired was to make the commitment to compete AND FOLLOW A DIET PLAN. My main objective purely was to say that I was good enough to compete and not be laughed at. Now if I can walk away with a trophy, I’ll take that as well. While I still have lots of room for improvement, I do have to say I’ve met my goal and for that I’d like to thank Bob for his support, knowledge and dedication. THANK YOU.

-- Doreen

Delaware, OH

(UPDATE: Doreen stepped on stage one and a half weeks later and placed 3rd in her stage debut at the NPC Natural Ohio in Lakewood. Four weeks after that she competed in the NOBA Mr and Ms Natural Ohio and WON 4 trophies, including an OPEN Class FIRST PLACE  Win in Figure less than two months shy of her 52nd birthday!)