Hello, I am Bob Baldwin and I founded and own Quarter Turn Right Fitness. I have more than 20 years experience in the personal training/competition/nutrition industry.  I pride myself in keeping my services as a personal and individual-based experience for each of my clients. With that said,  when you contact QTRF you will always speak to me and work directly with me!

 As a lifetime natural athlete, I learned a long time ago that it's not enough to know how to train and diet your own body and then simply hand that or a similar version of it down to others, but the true mark of a top quality trainer is knowing how to train and diet people who are not only similar to you, but those who are completely different, plus every body in between.  I'm not just talking about ectomorph versus mesomorph versus endomorph here.  But, different hormonal balances,  and metabolic efficiences.  Also, personality types and emotional and mental levels (neurotransmitter function and balance) that play a key role in how they will adapt to any training and nutritional protocols and what it will take for each individual to actually follow it.  A strong education and background in psychology has proven to be an invaluable tool for me in this industry.  

As far back as 1989, while my lifting buddies felt it was not cool to train with girls, I put together my first female-specific training and nutrition plan for my workout partner, who yes, was a girl.  With trial and error I discovered what worked best for her and how it differed from what worked for me.  She, much like myself, experienced noticeable changes in her physique.  This drew interest from others - those lifting buddies too -  who wanted a similar transition - and thus, a business was born.

What makes me different from most trainers is also what has led to the high degree of success you see on the pages of this site.  At the top of my list of strongest philosophies is to never allow a business move to take anything away from client successes.  If my prosperity is at the cost of my clients results, then it's simply not going to happen.  With that said, I refuse to compromise my core training values for the latest fad training style that is nothing more than a quick money making opportunity for the business owner.  I've turned down numerous business opportunities over the past few years - and continue to with great frequency - for this very reason.

 Also a relentless amount of effort into individualized attention in every single aspect of what I do. No short cuts, no easy street programs, no sugar-laced diets (because who wouldn't buy that!?) coupled with hours of cardio and total body bootcamps to undo the damage?? Seriously!?!?  Furthermore, are my clients health, both short-term and long-term. For this reason, just as I have chosen for myself to train and diet naturally, I also prescribe the same for my clients.  No trophy  today is worth your health tomorrow.  Many of you will train and compete in only one or just a few shows.  Another group of you will do it for a few years at best.  Don't resort to something harmful in that short period of time of your life that you will forever regret.  In many cases it does very little to help anyway.   Hire me as your trainer for your next competition and you will be amazed how far removed we are from the things that everyone believes you have to do or include in your prep program and yet the desired results, as you can see for yourself, are there.