Quarter Turn Right Fitness is a personal training center conveniently located in Powell, Ohio.   At QTRF we pride ourselves on being able to provide clients with a private, affordable place to get a quality, industry leading trainer-led workout.   If you’ve been reluctant to join a fitness club because you aren’t comfortable working out in front of other members or you're not sure how to properly workout, you owe it to yourself to come see us. If you are experienced, love to compete and want to work out with CHAMPIONS, this is YOUR place too!  Whether you are a competitor or just want to lose weight and improve your health, one visit, and we promise, those fears will be gone!   You choose to workout one-on-one , or in a small group, either way your sessions are your sessions!  You don't share the equipment during your sessions with other club members who aren't part of your training!   Affordable you ask?  How about never paying a separate  club membership!?   You’ve read that right,  when you hire a results-proven trainer at QTRF, why should you also pay an additional “club membership fee?”   There are also no “initiation fees” or “enrollment fees.”  To schedule a FREE visit to QTRF or for more information contact Bob today here!